Introducing the first all-in-one, mobile, digital imaging system that moves with your veterinary care practice needs and patients.

High performance location possibilities

  • Veterinary critical care hospitals
  • Veterinary surgical centers
  • Veterinary hospitals with limited patient care space

Benefits at a glance

  • Agile all-in-one system with mobile arm
  • Cage-side scanning
  • Highest-resolution mobile, digital radiology system for the veterinary market
  • Uses 110 volt electrical outlet

Cornering your edge on x-ray mobility and responsiveness

vet-with-dogPet owners turn to you for the highest quality veterinary care. Your expertise and compassion rise to the occasion during critical care and surgical situations. Shouldn’t your digital imaging capabilities do the same?

Keep the focus on your patients with the new Philips MobileDiagnost Opta. This incredibly mobile, efficient imaging system can maneuver through busy, challenging spaces, allowing you to secure high-resolution digital x-ray (DRX) images in seconds and from multiple angles with its mobile arm. Your patients experience less disruptive motion, stress and chance of infection.


Advance your understanding of the MobileDiagnost Opta digital capabilities through our benefits page or contact us for product specifics.

Mobile veterinary x-ray for mobility and responsiveness